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Andrico Facebook Synchronizer Official Blog

The best Facebook Synchronizer for Android Platform

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Andrico 2.0 Release
degry wrote in andrico_blog
Andrico Facebook Synchronizer 2.0, the newest version of the Facebook Synchronizer for Android Platform is available now on market

It has become faster, smarter, with perfect functionality and cool user interface!

android presentation

(click here to find out new features of Andrico 2.0 in pictures)

Now you can add your Facebook friends to the phonebook with icons and batch processing. Also adding lables to your events and filter Events by them is available. The full changeLog you can find out on our project homepage

This application was designed fully for a Android 2.0 Platform, so owners of this newest OS can use Andrico without any problem

There is an Andrico Project discussion board in google groups: http://groups.google.com/group/andrico-discuss. You can ask any question there or send message to the developers directly via e-mail: andrico.team[at]gmail.com

Have a great time with Andrico!

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unposible to authorize

Can't get any authorization. Lot's of other users same to have the same problem. Is their any solution to this problem ?

I translated this from Dutch:
There was an error in Andrico. Try again later.

That's what it keeps saying over and over.


Re: unposible to authorize

We are certainly apologize, but we have stopped Andrico Project just a year ago. We suggest that current version of Facebook operates differ than in earlier versions, but now we cannot support new API for Andrico.

Please try other synchronization programs for Android, i hope, you will find them quickly.

Alexander Kostyuchenko, Andrico Team.

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